Meaningful Inductions

So you have finished the interviews, decided on the most suitable candidate, they have accepted the offer and their start date has been confirmed.  But when your new team member arrives for their first day what comes next? 

This is a make or break it day and it is critical to a successful start into your business.  If you do not get your recruitment and induction right, you might find yourself with a revolving door of new staff in and out of your business, which becomes a massive drain to both your time and your business.

With this in mind here are some of the critical do’s and don’t’s to ensure a smooth welcome.

Do get all the nitty gritty paperwork completed, ideally before their first day.  Be smart in how you bring new team members into your business.  If you require new team members to complete new employee forms, organise for it to be done before their first day.  In the digital age, online forms and digital tools can make this process easy. Send an electronic welcome pack with requirements and processes prior to day one. 

Don’t leave your preparation to the last minute.  Ensure that all that your administration requirements have been completed prior to your new team members first day.  Account activations, log ins, company phones and laptops are all ready to go, as well as your new team members work station or desk.  

Do start with the “Why”.  Explain the why of the business, the company history, philosophy and mission statement.  Answer the question, why are we here and what are we doing.  Talk about the companies stories and engage your new team members on a personal level.  

Don’t get to bogged down into the detail.  Remember this is the first day for your new team member. Where as you may know all of the information and be easily able to recount it, for your new team member, it could be a case of information overload if you’re not careful.  

Do make a list of what you need to cover.  There is nothing more frustrating for a new team member when some vital piece of information is left out of the induction and needs to be covered again later down the track. 

Don’t leave your new team member alone. They are your priority. If you’ve calls to make or meetings to attend, reschedule or cancel.  Day one is the most important for any new team member, try to give them your full attention.

Do make it easy for your new team member to build connections in the team.  Be it through a morning tea, a lunch or office social function.  These connections will be invaluable over the coming days and weeks and will ensure that a new team member feels welcomed from the very moment they step in the door.  

Don’t assume that your job is finished after the induction is finished.  Check back in with your new staff member on a regular basis.  Some simple questions to ask could be:  Are they enjoying their work?  Do they understand what they should be doing?  Have they met their team?  A new team members induction isn’t finished on day one of their new role, it’s only the end of the very beginning for new team members.  Take the time to check in with them over the coming weeks and months to see how they are enjoying their new role. 

New team members need time to adjust to new ways of doing things, new colleagues, and work expectations.  Inductions that are poorly managed can result in team member’s becoming disenfranchised or even worse, stop them from engaging in your business.  On the other hand a well planned coherent and exciting induction can set your new team member on a path of success with their new role in your business.  

Teamfinder is able to help you and your business not only plan your induction but run them for you. We ensure your new team member is welcomed and engaged in your business from the very beginning.  

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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