Interviewing for a job, why first impressions always count

The saying goes that you “never get a second chance to make a first impression,” how true that is when it comes to interviewing.  

In recruitment we often talk about the first impression that a candidate will make during the interview process however we often forget that as interviewers we are also making a first impression on the candidate, what type of first impression is your business making when interviewing?  One that will put the candidate at ease, or one that will turn the candidate off from ever wanting to work with you.

I believe that as businesses, it is vital to make a great first impression with candidates, to help you do that here are some of my top tips on how to make a great first impression when interviewing.  

Be on time
I understand that we are busy, but we are not the only busy people in the world.  As such if you have organised an interview with a candidate ensure that you are on time for it.  There is nothing worse than being late and it can really say a lot about your organisation if you do not value your candidates time.  I know of candidates who have walked away from interviews as they have been kept waiting of upwards of 45 minutes.  

Well presented
How your office looks will leave a lasting impression on any candidates that come's through the door.  Is your office well presented, neat and tidy, or is it a mess with people and papers everywhere.  Is your office exuding a space of calm tranquility or organised chaos just simmering away.  Candidates will make decisions based on how your office presents, so ensure that it presents a true reflection of your business.  

Warm and welcoming
I visit a lot of offices, and can often tell a lot about a business just from the way that I am greeted at reception.  Often when I am made to feel welcome at reception it speaks volumes about the business.  On the occasion where the reception has not been manned, or the receptionist has been curt I know that the business culture is not as friendly and as welcoming as it could be. Ensure that whoever is meeting your candidates makes them feel welcomed into your business.  

Be organised
There is nothing worse than not being organised, especially in an interview situation, so be prepared.  Print out the documents that you might need, know the answers to the questions that you might get asked and more importantly know who you are meeting when.  I have experienced first hand, recruiters getting my name or details wrong because they have not been fully prepared.  Take the time before you start to ensure that you have what you need ready to go.  

Follow through
This may seem like an obvious statement to make, however it is critical to follow through with candidates after they have met with you.  If you have promised to call them on a Friday, ensure that you call them on the Friday.  How you treat candidates after the interview is just as important as when they are with you during the interview phase.  

I believe it is critical to ensure that you make a good first impression with potential employees, just as much as they make a great first impression with you.  The interview process is as much as an opportunity for the candidate to make a decision as to whether they want to work with you as much as you want to work with them, so ensure that you do everything you can to help ensure that candidates want to come work with you. 

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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