Five questions to ask before advertising your next role

Teamfinder works daily with different organisations to support their recruitment needs, from start ups to large business, we have helped these organisation each step of the way.   Whether you're employing your first team member or your 15th, what we have learned is that it is critical to take the opportunity to check off some basics before staring the recruitment process.

By engaging with prospective employers early on, Teamfinder has been able to formulate a number of questions that we believe you should ask yourself at the beginning of the recruitment process to guarantee great outcomes for your business.

Why are you employing now?

Clearly understanding why you are going to market for candidates seems basic, however many businesses start the recruitment process without a clear reason.  The recruitment process can be involved, long and at times emotional for both candidates and businesses alike. Understanding and articulating a clear reason as to why you are employing at this point in time within a business is more critical than many think.   Are you recruiting because someone has left your business, or because of growth and the creation of a new position.  I believe that it is critical to understand the reasoning as to why you have decided to recruit a new team member now.  

Have you worked out the basics of the role?

Understanding why you are going to market for candidates is one thing, but do you understand the responsibilities and tasks of the role? Working out reporting lines, the salary, the title and what type of experience  your new team member needs to be to bring to the role will be critical to a successful placement.  As such you should ensure that you have an understanding of these element before going to market.  Be brave and take the time to truly understand the gaps in your business, as well as  the weaknesses both in skills and perhaps culture which need solutions. Finding the right candidate may go some way to closing some of those potential deficiencies in your business.

Can you promote internally?

When considering options for senior roles, I believe you should always look at your internal talent pool.  Team members that are currently working with you understand the business, what it is that you do, and may also have fresh ideas and new thinking to bring to a role as well.  Internal promotion also creates a positive atmosphere within your own business and shows your existing employees that you are serious about offering pathways to new careers and roles within your own business.  The reality is that sometimes often the best candidate for the role is one you already know.

Can you afford to employ, or can you afford not to employ?

Yes, you may be busy right not but is it long term, are you growing because of growth you have experienced or are you predicting growth and therefore preparing for it?  It is important to review whether the role is sustainable and will the work still be there in six months time? If so look at other options potentially a fixed contract role, for a new team member, or part time work which may lead into full time work as the role evolves.  

Do you have a detailed job description and expectations for the role?

An accurate job description is critical for finding the right candidate, based on the principles and idea of knowing what type of candidate you want before you start the recruitment process. The right candidate may be scared off by an unprepared employer who does not have a clear description of what is required. Understanding your recruitment needs are critical and taking the time to ask questions about the role will go a long way to ensuring that you find the right fit for your business.  Ensuring that you have not only a detailed but more importantly engaging job description clearing outlining the expectations of the role will go a long way to ensuring that you attract the right type of candidates for the role. 

Do not underestimate the importance of thinking about your recruitment needs prior to going out to market when you're looking for your next new team member.  Asking yourselves some of these basic questions prior to even starting the recruitment process will ensure that you have a clear and defined pathway to success when it comes to your recruitment needs.  

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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