Let's Get Social.

If you think social media is just snap happy kids or sharing pics of your favourite poached eggs and avo, think again. Social media channels are transforming the recruitment process and recruitment organisations. 

Recruitment is changing, and Teamfinder as a next generation recruiter is ensuring that we stay ahead of the changes in the ways that we help connect opportunities for both candidates and businesses.

The days of posting a job advert in a newspaper on a Saturday and waiting for candidates applications to come through the mail have long gone.  In the digital era, recruitment is fast paced, socially connected and conscious of creating win win outcomes for both clients and candidates.

With over two billion people using Facebook, half a billion people with a LinkedIn profile and over 800 million Instagram users, social media is fundamentally changing how candidates and business go about connecting job opportunities with each other.

Social media has allowed prospective employees to do more background research on potential candidates, and in turn, candidates can now far more thoroughly research what businesses are like.  A businesses social media should be a true reflection on what the work place is like, and tools such as Instagram and Facebook allow new team members to see who they will be working with prior to day one.  

As such your employer brand is more valuable now in recruitment than ever before, and using your social media channels to enhance your reputation and to make your business one that people want to work at, ensures that you will always be able to attract the best talent out there.

Teamfinder understands the need to ensure that there is a compelling narrative on social media for your business, but perhaps more importantly understands that using social media can help you find your next team member to fill your opportunity.

Many of our clients have social media channels and as such when we work with them to advertise a role, we find that a high number of candidates come through these social media channels, often negating the need to use paid advertising.  These placements often come about due to the employer brand that has been built in the market place by not only our clients but also Teamfinder.  

By using technology and social connectivity, Teamfinder is staying ahead of the recruitment trend, enabling business to connect opportunities with candidates through not only traditional methods, but by using next generation thinking.  

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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