Customer Experience - and Recruitment.

Having joined Teamfinder as an active managing partner this week, it's my first official blog as part of the team. Having been at board meetings and observing from the sidelines for two years, it's great to be getting my hands dirty.

Working with recruitment through Teamfinder, and dedicating most of my working life to customer experience, I continue to be astounded by companies who make a simple mistake - "Only Short Listed Candidates will be Contacted". The 'silent treatment' being given by companies across Brisbane is damaging customer brand perception without most senior leaders realising the issue.

A recent interaction with a customer confirmed what I already knew. "I've been a customer for 20 years. They didn't even bother replying to my son's job application. I had to deal with his knocked confidence caused by someone who considers me a 'Gold' customer".

Considering the investments businesses make in customer experience, it's stunning how many leaders loose sight of the hundreds, sometimes thousands of people who apply for jobs and are provided a standard of service well below even the worst customer experience offered by the business. Perhaps I've applied for more jobs than most in my early days but it seems a pretty obvious connection to assume than a fair percentage of candidates applying for work are most likely to be exisitng or potential future customers. 

The message here is simple - with technology advancements there is absolutely no excuses for a customer experience focused company to be telling people "Only Short Listed Candidates will be Contacted". A smart investment in recruitment platforms can align your candidate and customer experience, managing communication updates and outcomes automatically. Working with some super smart ahead of the curve customers and Teamfinder, organisations are quickly realising what is possible. We recently started a project to send vouchers to all unsuccessful candidates... in this case it was literally food for thought. 

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Justin Cook

Managing Partner of Teamfinder, Tech Advocate, Airline Passenger Experience Leader. 

For those of you who know me, you'll know of my diverse background. Between starting Teamfinder and pushing for change in the use of tech in recruitment for the past 2 years, I've kept myself busy leading change in the airline passenger experience industry.  When working across such different industries, it is only natural to look for similarities and common threads.