Why I believe in Job Ready

Earlier this year, Rob and the team at Solar Schools one of our trusted clients came to us looking to fill a junior role in their IT Team. This was to be a casual role, working on basic code. The ideal candidate was either someone finishing their degree, or someone who had recently graduated. We were able to provide Solar Schools with a shortlist of candidates and within forty eight hours making the phone call, we were able to find a suitable candidate.

Over the course of a number of weeks and in conversations with that successful candidate it became abundantly clear that although she had graduated there was still a divide between what was taught at university, and what the expectations of the real world were.

Agile project Management and React JS were just two of a number of skills that she had to be bought up to speed with so that she could effectively work in as part of the team at Solar Schools, which got everyone thinking, why not put together a twelve week job ready program that could fill the gap between graduating and getting your first job.

And that is exactly what Solar Schools did. Along with their team they have worked to establish a twelve week program designed for IT Graduates, to support them from graduation and enable them to smoothly transition into the work force, equipped and skilled with real life experience.

So why do I believe in Job Ready?

I believe in Job Ready as it is about helping supporting candidates into work, it is about supporting businesses by providing them with candidates that can hit the ground running and it means that IT Graduates can be confident transitioning into their initial graduate roles knowing that they have had real world experience.

If you are a candidate wanting to know more about how to apply for Job Ready then click here, and if you are a business wanting to know about how you can tap into our pool of Job Ready candidates then click here.

As I constantly remind my team, Teamfinder has one KPI when it comes to our Job Ready program, and that is to help people get into jobs. If you want to be apart of this exciting program then get in touch directly at dan@teamfinder.com.au or 0404 911 057

About Teamfinder

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Daniel Jones