Timing Is Everything

We recently posted a link to the latest advertised job vacancy trends (favouring job seekers with higher rates of advertised jobs). We explained the slowly growing pressure on employers to not only find their preferred talent, but recruit them before someone else. 

The situation is a simple one - your perfect candidate has applied for your job along with five others. Nothing wrong with this, it's called 'casting your net' for potential opportunities. In theory the situation should be a simple one for the employer. A robust recruitment process, motivated management to meet and interview the candidate, and a straightforward HR process to get the deal done. 

So what makes a great recruitment experience for candidates? 

1. An edgy, on point and attention grabbing job advertisement.
2. A motivated manager willing to clear their diary for the right talent at short notice. 
3. A streamlined HR process to get deals done, contracts signed and candidates happy. 

The reality is less pleasant. An edgy and aggressive marketing campaign to find talent matched with a dead-end generic application inbox and a team hoping they don't need to read all the applications. Or a motivated manager meeting talented people coupled with a sluggish and cumbersome HR process. If your business doesn't have all three key steps in place - you're increasingly in trouble. 

The right candidate for you is highly likely to be the right candidate for your competitor.

No business can afford to be losing talent due to a sluggish process whether a recruiter is involved or not. The market conditions are changing and motivated candidates know that they are in demand.  

Key message - when you advertise your role make sure your process is streamlined and stakeholders are ready to go. Unlike a lot of business, recruiting talent is a sprint not a marathon. 

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