Employing, where do I start?

Employing, what should you do before you advertise?

Teamfinder spends most day's working with businesses big and small on their recruitment needs.  Engaging with prospective employers early on in the process, we’ve been alongside our clients from their fist idea to employ through to final placement and offer. Before employing your first or your fifteenth team member, it’s critical to take the opportunity to check off prior to starting the recruitment process.

Here are some key points you can checklist to help achieve a great recruitment outcome for your business.

Why now?

Clearly understanding why you are going to market for candidates seems basic, however many businesses start the recruitment process without a clear reason. Recruitment can be involved, long and sometimes emotional. Understanding and articulating a clear reason and need within your business to employ a candidate is the first step in the process.  

What is the role?

Understanding why you are recruiting is one thing, however understanding the tasks of the role are another.  Working out reporting lines, salary, title and experience or fit you need will be critical to a successful outcome.  Take time to understand the weaknesses as finding the right candidate will go some way to solving some of the deficiencies that may be present. 

Exit Interview.

An unexpected resignation can be difficult to manage, and understanding the why of the resignation is critical to support the next person in the role. Taking the time to talk with the the team member may uncover cultural issues, team structure or problems with daily duties which require resolution. By not gaining an understanding of the why, your new team member may walk back out the door not long after they arrive.

Internal promotion?

When considering options for senior roles, always look at internal talent. New talent may bring a depth of education, international experience or a different outlook to your business. While your existing employees may be known for their tendency to laugh a little too loud you should always be nurturing your internal talent.  The truth is often the best candidate for the role is one you already know.

Do you have a detailed job description and expectation for the role?

A job description is critical for finding the right candidate. Based on the principle of knowing what you want before you start the recruitment process.  Having a clear understanding and vision for the role will ensure that you will be able to match your requirements against those of the candidate. 

Understanding your recruitment needs are critical and taking the time to ask questions about the recruitment process will go a long way to ensuring that you find the right candidate and fit for your business.  If you would like to know more about how Teamfinder can help with your recruitment needs don't hesitate to get in touch. 

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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