Whats in a title?

What is the best job title you have ever seen, working with some of our clients my favourites have been, "Chief Leaf Profiler" "The Bean Counter" and "Director of First Impressions".  A job title provides quick information about the role, what a  team member does and where they sit in the business and the how the business operates.  

As such, here are my top tips on creating a job title:

What is your business DNA?

Wd have all seen job titles that are fun and quirky.  For example "Fleet Presentation Team” for aircraft cleaners.  Use of title like this need to match your business DNA and be throughout.  Job titles go to the core of your business culture and personality.  As such if you are going to use titles like these then use them across the board, and not on just one or two roles.

Clear and Consistent  

I have been an officer, leader, coordinator and manager.  Although my job titles changed the role that I was performing remained fairly constant.  When it comes to titles and levels within your business keep it simple. Keep your titles and levels consistent and give them the same title be it leader, officer, director ensuring team members understand their role within the business.

Titles with three letter acronyms.

It is not uncommon to see job titles with tree letter acronyms, CEO, CFO, CIO, and perhaps my favourite CTM (Chief Tea Maker).  Acronyms can be useful when advertising roles, however be mindful that an acronym that your business uses and is familiar with may mean very little to a wider audience.  Take the opportunity to ensure that your three letter acronym title is not just an inward looking title but one can be understood by outsiders as well.

Get it right to attract candidates.

When recruiting for a role the job title is the selling point, it is the first two to three words that a candidate will see.  Is it enough to ensure that they will go out of the way to apply for the role.  If they are the successful candidate it is how they will define themselves as part of your business.  As such taking the time to get your next job title right it worth the effort now.  

If you have been advertising a role and not attracting the right type of candidates I would suggest going back to basics and looking at the job title.  Is it going to be enough to get your next great team member into your business.

Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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Dan Jones - Managing Partner Teamfinder

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