What is your long term recruitment strategy?

Whats your recruitment strategy?

At Teamfinder we work with businesses, not just on solving their short term recruitment needs, but also helping them to implement a long term recruitment strategy.  Often we find that businesses are to busy worrying about their immediate recruitment needs, to  implemented a long term recruitment strategy.  

The benefits of implementing a recruitment strategy can range from providing a solid stream of job ready candidates, through to taking away the panic and perhaps knee jerk reaction you might experience when one of your valued team members chooses to resign.  Understanding the benefits of implementing a recruitment strategy can ultimately provide you with peace of mind knowing that your business will be able to operate even through the disruption of resignations in your business.

So what are some of the steps you can review and implement to put into place a workable recruitment strategy.

Understanding your retention rates

One of the best ways to understanding your recruitment requirements, is to understand your retention rates.  Are you aware of the number of resignations that you have per month, per number of staff and if there was one area that had better retention rates than another within your business?   Would you be able to accurately provide me with a location, department or team that had a higher retention rate than another?  Equally do you know when your team members leave or stay, that is to say do you experience peaks and troughs in your retention rates and if so do you understand what some of the driving forces behind them are?

Having a revolving door of staff does not promote a stable workplace and as such working to either understand or even increase your retention rate will help you build a less disruptive environment. 

Candidate pooling

In a recent client meeting we were discussing their recruitment needs for the coming six month's and I asked about what their plan was for their recruitment into early 2019.  Their business is one of constant flux and change, and as such I believe that a recruitment strategy that is flexible and dynamic is one that would benefit them most.  My suggestion to them was to implement a constant recruitment process, allowing them to meet candidates monthly for their business and being able to then tap into their candidate pool as and when needed to ensure that they had ongoing business continuity.  

I believe one of the best ways to create you candidate pool is to do so in by using a monthly meet and greet with candidates.  Using your normal candidate searching processes invite the top 10 standout candidates to meet with you in a informal group setting, where they can learn a little about the business, what is on offer, and the expectations of the role.  In return you can interview and screen those that you believe would best suit your operation.  In doing so you are creating a qualified candidate pool which you can then tap into when needed.  The group session may take a couple of hours each month but planning for your recruitment needs in such a pro-active manner means that if you ever need staff you have already done the hard work and they are just a phone call away.  

Recruitment portal

It can be expensive to advertise your vacant roles on platforms such as Seek, Indeed or Found.  As such create your own recruitment portal within your own business website.  Doing so will allow prospective employees apply for a role with you and allow you to build up a data base of candidates that again you can tap into to interview and meet depending on what roles you might have available.  

Teamfinder can even build your recruitment portal for you, if you would prefer to have a buffer between your company and the candidate applying.  Either way creating a recruitment portal for your business can help you to attract candidates on an ongoing basis throughout the year to support your continued business growth without the expense of having to pay for advertising.

Creating a dedicated recruitment strategy for your business ensures that no matter what comes your way, recruitment wise, you will be able to navigate the minefield that can be recruitment. 

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