Top Tips to Better Recruitment - Candidate Screening

At Teamfinder, we are all about Making Your Recruitment Better, today's top tips are about how best to start screening candidates and what to look for to get the best fit for our business.

If you need help to Make your Recruitment better, we have a one day training package where we will take you through:

Writing effective job descriptions
Creating engaging job adverts and provide templates for both, 
Show you where to advertise and how to do so cost-effectively.
How to shortlist candidates, and most importantly how to interview to get the right outcomes for both culture and skills.

We will also show you how to manage your candidates so regardless of the outcome they become advocates for your business. Basically, we will impart all of our recruitment knowledge to allow you to go out and recruit for yourselves like a professional!

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Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Daniel Jones