Get Feedback

The Get Feedback package is designed to support you find your next role, and our guide to Finding Teams is split into five modules to support you through your job search journey.

The modules are broken down into:

  1. Job Hunting Skills

  2. Building a Linkedin Profile

  3. Cover Letter Writing

  4. Resume Writing

  5. Interview Techniques

Each module is designed to support you in your journey to finding your next role, whilst building and developing your exisiting skills.

With examples, templates and interview techniques, this guide will help you get your dream job.

You also receive a complete review of one cover letter, and your resume by one of our expert recruitment team members to help position you at the top of the pile for your next job hunt.

Finally we will book you in for an online or face to face interview feedback session where we will take you through prospective interview questions, how to respond and how best to prepare.

At $295 the guide is designed to provide you with feedback to ensure that you are fully prepared for your next interview.

Daniel Jones