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Next Generation Recruiters. 

Social. Connected. Trusted. 


Connecting Talent and Opportunity. 

We are specialists in process and people across industries. We believe in the value of connecting opportunities in everything we do. Connected and tech-savvy, we are respectful and most importantly, genuine in our interactions.

Teamfinder was established to change the recruitment industry, challenging the traditional corporate recruitment model. We believe in the value of our industry in sharing networks of talent with Australian employers. We get our kicks from connecting candidates with real talent and personality and genuine employment opportunities. 

  • We treat talent with respect regardless of application outcomes, we believe in candidate experience as a priority. 
  • We leverage new tools of the trade to reach more talent than ever before.
  • We offer flexibility, from self-managed recruitment platforms to professional placements

We believe in the benefits of rewarding and engaging employment. We know how life changing an opportunity can be - both for employers and candidates. Regardless of being an employer or employee, we are all people after all. 

In a rapidly changing workforce, choose to partner with the next generation of recruiters.