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Help finding your team?

Leverage professional expertise when making your big investment in people.


The way in which a team of people interact can often prove surprising those selecting it. People are complex. Understanding behaviours, predicting interactions and ultimately the potential success of a team is a skill set in itself. We're specialists at analysing team behaviours and matching talent personalities with a range of research tools and old fashioned experience. 

Personality Expertise.

Expand your Network.

Finding the right team requires research and a wide audience of potential talent for your business. Utilise our extensive professional network to find the right talent for your business. With a diverse range of marketing channels and a candidate database, Teamfinder clients are provided with a diverse range of talent.

Lead with Confidence.

Recruitment is the skill to work with business leaders to select the right talent for teams. Choosing the right talent and personality to build success is a critical task prior to investing in new people. Leveraging the specialist skills of Teamfinder reinforces your leadership and skills to select your best possible team. 


Your journey with Teamfinder.



We work with you to identify exactly what it is you're after. We ask all the right questions to understand culture, personalities and requirements for the new recruit. Working together, we make sure our clients are ready to go to candidates with a clear vision and surety.   

Reach a wider audience, presenting your business as profressional and researched. 


Position Analysis
Full Documentation and Engagement Agreement
Job Ad Preparation
Marketing Campaign Agreement
Campaign Go-Live



With a fully integrated candidate management system,  applications are professionally handled. Create the right impression of your business regardless of application outcomes. With our tools, your applications are refined and researched while ensuring everyone is kept informed and happy.


Automated Application Acknowledgements
Branded Communications to all Candidates
Initial talent Interviews and Shortlisting
Face to Face Interviews
Full Interview Notes and Candidate Packs
Final Candidate Shortlist



We support your leadership team to select the right candidate for your business, with practical advice and time-saving coordination assistance. Teamfinder provides the support you need to suit your style, leaving the decision making process with your team. 


Candidate Interview Attendance
Candidate Background Vetting
Candidate Reference Checks


Next-Gen Recruitment?


Not just buzzwords, we live and breath this every day. Candidates will be your customers, admirers of your business, or potential future customers. Ensure your recruitment process builds loyalty to your brand, not the opposite. We make sure we treat candidates as customers, regardless of the outcome of their application.



We specialise in the process of attracting, reviewing and engaging talent for your business. While others specialise in industries or markets, we specialise in the process. We believe the process for finding talent is constant across industries and employers. Choose a specialist in a developed and meaningful recruitment process.

Right Fit

We specialise in the process of finding the right fit. Utilising a range of techniques and tools, we work to find the right personality profile for your existing team and role. We believe in the importance of finding the right personality for your business, finding the balance between skills, experience and personality in your perfect fit. 

Forget the humble job ad, finding the best talent is all about working across mediums. Teamfinder encapsulates the latest recruitment tech and integrated social and traditional marketing platforms. Teamfinder works with your digital platforms to reach a wider audience quickly and more cost effectively. 



Consider your pathway to finding your team.

The journey to maximising your investment in people starts by talking with us. We're always happy to discuss your business, just reach out to us when you need.