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Introducing the Solar Schools and Teamfinder IT Job Ready Program 

A smarter way to find job ready IT Graduates for your team



The Solar Schools and Teamfinder Graduate Job Ready program is designed to help I.T. University and Tafe graduates transition into full time work from full time study.

Bridging the two, the project is designed to help mentor recent I.T. graduates into the work place and into full time jobs. 

Running over 12 weeks successful participants will work on projects as part of the Solar Schools team.  Each participant is mentored by a key team member at Solar Schools, to ensure that their progress through the program is kept on track, documented and that the participant is benefitting from the program.

Throughout the program the below skill sets are reviewed and candidates are provided feedback on how they are performing in each area to ensure that they are fully competent when joining the work force.  As part of the program each graduate is reviewed in the below skills:

  • Branching and merging

  • Code review

  • CI/CD what is it? How it works?

  • Writing unit tests.. for meaning and code coverage

  • Go

  • Node JS

  • React

  • PHP

  • SCSS

  • Lambda

  • Agile project management

The benefit to employers is  you are able to review each graduate's progress, and be confident that your new team member is able to hit the ground running.  If you want to know more about how the program can benefit you get in touch today directly with Dan via email at