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Recruit & Train. 

Sales Superstars Start Here. 


Connecting the dots between effective recruitment processes and sales training, Teamfinder in partnership with Velocity Selling are working across Queensland to transform sales teams. 

Daniel Jones from Teamfinder has seen the impact of end-to-end recruitment and training “result in improved employee engagement from day one”. "With new staff arriving and feeling most unsettled and overwhelmed, we know our candidates are supported and encouraged from day one".

Likewise employers are feeling the benefits, with a renewed focus on the personality and characteristics. One employer commented "With the training of hard skills as part of the package, we feel more comfortable to choose the right personality and soft skills". As a recruiter focused on "right fit" placements, the package supports the vision of Teamfinder as a recruiter of difference. 


More than Recruiting 

The Right Fit.

The Recruit & Train service provides a solution to not only hiring the best candidate, but to train and coach the candidate to be a great fit for your company, increasing profitability and productivity.

We take a holistic approach to the provision of recruitment and training services for sales roles, we have the experience to help you recruit the right candidates and train them, to help them hit the ground running quicker and be successful in your sales team.

The mechanics of hiring salespeople is relatively straight-forward, the negative impact of a bad hire can cost the company well over $40,000. The marketplace is flooded with inadequate salespeople who have great looking resumes but they lack the attitude, behaviour, competency and discipline that ensures theirs and your success.


The Cost of Getting it Wrong

The cost is not only your time and money, it is also your reputation to your potential customers, the morale of your current staff and a lost opportunity when an untrained salesperson approaches the qualified leads you have spent a fortune in marketing dollars to attract.

This lost business and all this money is going to your competitors and you’re missing out big time!


Doing Something Different will lead to Different Results

There are ways to ensure that the salespeople that you hire are a great fit for your business. Unfortunately, when it comes to salespeople, past success has little bearing on how successful they will be in your business without the appropriate on-boarding and training.

I’ve personally had 20+ years as a top performing salesperson and owned and managed several businesses with high performing sales teams, and I’m confident that we can get you results. Results that take the headache out of recruiting the right salespeople and results that get you high performing sales people that can make an immediate impact on your sales revenue.